Two walks, not one

Newsflash: Instead of a single long walk from the Idaho border to Seattle in September, I’m breaking it in two. I’m going to walk from the Columbia river to Seattle in September 2016, and from Idaho to the Columbia in the spring of 2017.

Here’s why. Spring, when the temperatures are lower and water is more plentiful, is really the best time to walk eastern Washington. Also, splitting it in two will allow me to proceed at a more leisurely pace. I can take two weeks for each half, rather than three weeks for the whole thing. Less stress, no 20-mile days, and more time to meet the locals.


I’m still keen to have friends walk with me for a few days at a time along the way. Check out my updated schedule to see where I’ll be, when!

Bonus: Here’s a photo of my mate John Stone and I setting out for an overnight test run on the cart last month. Note the beers open before we leave the parking lot.




7 thoughts on “Two walks, not one

  1. Sounds like a great plan, David. I’ve actually been imagining you with the cart and wondering if you will be able to manage it with ease. How did the trial run go? Maybe the beer helps?


    1. Thanks Liz. The cart is working out very well, though I’ve only taken it on a few outings so far. Just need to make sure I can repair any punctures that sharp thorns may cause to the tires.


  2. somehow for me that name captures the toughness and steely determination underpinning your trek. it also adds, I think, an air of sinister mystery to your cheerful yellow contraption. But if it is not to be adopted I shall comply with the official name, and think only of it to myself while brooding over your travels.


  3. But more fundamentally I hope that you have not forgotten your Latin from Canberra Grammar days, David? to transect is literally to “cut across”–hence the suggested name.


  4. Fair enough, but to me “cutter” sounded nautical the first time you proposed it. As for “steely determination”, you may want to reconsider this description since my solomonic slicing of my trip into two.

    Surely you need to come over and be a part of this thing Richard, if only perhaps to witness the final submersion into Puget Sound on the afternoon of September 24th. You could make a very good speech about it, I am sure.


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